Award-winning artist and engineer Mike Hewson has been commissioned to deliver a new playground for Simpson Park that draws its inspiration from the front fences of houses in St Peters. St Peters Fences Playground is an assemblage of climbable fence sculptures that recreate the front fences and walls of homes that have been demolished due to construction of Westconnex, the Kingsford-Smith airport expansion in the 1990’s and Princes Highway construction in the 1920’s.

These fences will form the basis for the playground, coupled with more traditional elements like slides, swings and rockers. The fences are treated as heritage artefacts to memorialise this current period in local history, including the injustice and displacement experienced by many. Hewson hopes to create a space that people visit to remember, to teach, to contemplate, to vent anger, to mourn, to explore and to play.

The artist designed playground, St Peters Fences Playground, has been commissioned by WestConnex as part of the WestConnex New M5 public art program ‘Canal to Creek: A Cultural Landscape’. The work is being delivered in coordination with Inner West Council's park upgrade.



The use of salvaged materials from the St Peters area will give the project authenticity, so the artist is inviting the community to supply any recycled or salvaged material they wish to see incorporated into the sculpture (brick, blocks, stone etc).

Your participation may become a lasting part of the playground to be enjoyed for years to come and your contribution may be acknowledged in the final design of the park so the materials linage can be traced. We are interested in any material you might have, big or small, a few pieces or a lot, and will take care of safely removing these materials from your home.

We can use; Bricks, Pavers, Sandstone, Iron Fences, Columns, Gates, Letterboxes, Tiles, Stones, Edging & much more.